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Main responsibilities and DUTIES:

  • Consolidates the Group’s needs within his /her scope and anticipates their evolutions.
  • Analyses his /her markets and monitors new technologies and transmit the information to internal department (Sales, Design department, Innovation…)
  • Manages his /her supplier base on the defined Geographical zone (design, performance review, contractual aspects …)
  • Conducts a wide sourcing, with cost structure analysis, by technology. He /She conducts the first business with a new supplier
  • Anticipates « low cost »sources which can be used in development
  • Negotiates with key account suppliers (participation of Regional Purchasing Director or Executive VP Purchasing if required), integration feedback from the whole SUP01 Process contributors
  • Allocates Markets according to the proposal of the Project Buyers (previously validated by the Regional Purchasing Director)
  • Guarantees best economic performance within area of competence coordinating Cost reduction action plan in link with Buyer as well as insure that all levers are used (technical, QCD workshop, resourcing…)
  • Bring support to the Buyer in dealing with QRSQC in case of roadblocks with his/her suppliers.


Qualifications and Experience

  • A minimum of Master’s Degree Level reinforced by 3 years minimum Purchasing experience in the manufacturing sector on the Commodity he will have to manage

Professional abilities

  • Good listening skills, persuasive, relationship skills, interpersonal skills, analytical and concise, autonomous
  • Ability to coordinate in a functional position.
  • Proficient user of Microsoft Office.
  • Fluency in one or more foreign languages.

Technical knowledge

  • Synthetic and Expertise in purchasing techniques (consultation, negotiation, business follow-up…).
  • Good knowledge of current regulations.
  • Must have a comprehensive knowledge of the various specialities included in the “Purchasing Management” process (project, quality, logistics, accounting).
  • Must have a general knowledge of different aspects of a business (management, manufacturing, etc…) in regards to supplier relations.


Chargement en cours...

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