Bursa, Turkey

Main responsibilities and duties :

  • The FMEA Champion is responsible for training, coaching and implementing the FMEA analytical method, in compliance with the rules drawn by the AKWEL Group.
  • The FMEA method covers the following tasks: the functional analyses, FMEA different methods (Product, Process, Resources…), control plans, manufacturing records, reverse FMEA as well as the software defined.
  • Participates in creation of Block and Generic Functional Analysis (External/Internal)
  • Participates in creation of FMEA Block and Generic FMEA (Product/Process)
  • Participates in creation of Block and Generic Control Plan



  • CLI02 : Product and Process design & Industrialization
  • Ensures the implementation of AKWEL rules drawn on this matter.
  • Ensures the compliance with established plans during the implementation of operations.
  • Ensures the consistency of information across the different documentations.
  • Ensures taking account and the suitable processing of special features.
  • Conducts the preparation and permanent update of FMEA block diagrams and works closely with the COE manager, Product line Industrialization manager and Quality functions to integrate all new failure modes in the FMEA.
  • Plays an active role in extending cross-functional collaboration to Sites and the Group.
  • May have to contribute in RAMS analyses.
  • Reports to the manager on potential malfunctioning or failures.
  • FMEA Champion should give support to Process Team to ensure good application of Reverse FMEA procedure.


  • SUP 02 : Information Technology activities
  • Draws on the available IT resources (software defined, Collaborative Portal, PDM), and resorts where necessary to the assistance of the software Group contact.
  • The FMEA Champion is in charge of validating the FMEA on PDM.


  • SUP04 : HR Administrative management, HR management & Employee engagement
  • Responsible for training and coaching the project teams (Product line and operation) entrusted with performing the above-mentioned tasks.
  • Accountable for the respect of confidentiality rules.
  • Agrees to act in accordance with the ethical rules of the Group.


Requirements :

Qualifications and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical/Industrial/Metallurgical and Materials Engineering or related discipline,
  • 3 years of automotive experience.


Professional abilities:

  • Analytical and synthetic thinking, rigor and initiative;
  • Autonomy, persuasion capabilities, coaching and instructional skills, responsiveness to developments, reliability and availability.

Technical knowledge:

  • Command of office automation systems and MS Office (Word, Excel, …);
  • Perfect command of tools and procedures used in Functional Analysis, FMEA and Monitoring Plan;
  • Fair knowledge of RAMS analysis (reliability, availability, maintainability and safety);
  • Proficiency in TDC software suite developed by Knowledge is an asset.



Localization: Bursa, Turkey
Contract type: CDI(Permanent)
Department : Business Development


If you are interested in this role and believe that you meet the requirements, please forward your CV and cover letter at: or HR department.

Please note that incomplete applications will not be taken into account.