Industrialisation Expert Welding


Main responsibilities and duties :

She/he acts as the internal advisor on a given product or process expertise within the assigned area of responsibility.
Product Design / Industrialization Process

  • Works within teams, according to her/his scope of expertise and depending on the urgency/relevance of processed files while ensuring a counseling and/or operational role;
  • Gathers and establishes expertise principles, design standards, state of the art in her/his field of expertise or the company’s internal processes;
  • Keeps abreast of customer requirements developments and puts forward innovative research focus areas;
  • Takes part in task forces on issues approved in product and process research plan
  • Appointed in charge of developing/updating the standards for production processes and/or technologies on the basis of 2S2D and in compliance with QCD objective
  • Based on process standards management, he/she elaborates the process documents (Technical Guide, Technical Specification, Methodologies, FSC&OAP,…)
  • He/she takes an active role to support production plant on quality issues, process updates.


Requirements :

Qualifications and Experience

  • 10 years with Automotive experience on processes.

Professional abilities

  • Inquisitive mind, analytical and synthetic thinking, rigor, proactive attitude;
  • Autonomy, strong interpersonal skills, coaching capabilities, responsiveness to field-related technological developments, availability;
  • Command of office automation packages (Word, Excel, etc.).
  • English mandatory, French appreciated



Technical knowledge

  • Knowledge of technical issues and technologies prevailing in the expertise of metal welding (gas metal arc welding, resistance welding) and assembling (dispensing, screwing, riveting, striking, clinching) processes,
  • Deep understanding of metal part engineering and a good level of knowledge on the mechanism parts of the vehicle (especially on; hinges, locks, striker, pedal boxes,…)