Production Unit Technician

Timisoara, Roumania

Main responsibilities and duties :

Ensures continuous production in terms of both quantity and quality through interventions, therefore contributing to the optimisation of machine running time.

  • Optimises manufacturing changes (tools, devices, line clearance…) in compliance with the goals defined and according to the procedures in effect,
  • Approves any series change by checking the first parts produced,
  • Ensures compliance with the monitoring plan, particularly at the start,
  • Responsible for productivity and the quality of the work performed,
  • Participates in all initiatives for progress linked to increased overall productivity of the production tool, including the QRQC line.
  • Can be asked to train a new employee at his workstation,
  • Performs level 1 and 2 maintenance operations,
  • Must inform the Maintenance department in the case of interventions outside his scope of intervention in order to guarantee the proper functioning of means of production,

Requirements :

Qualifications and  Experience

  • High school diploma in a technical subject in the speciality with experience in an industrial/manufacturing setting

Professional abilities

  • Communication and analytical skills, availability

Technical knowledge

  • Expertise in the techniques and implementation of the equipment used;
  • Knowledge in mechanics, electricity and pneumatic and hydraulic processes depending on the organisation.