Main responsibilities and DUTIES:

  • Guarantees the QSE2 approach and guides the plant towards customer satisfaction in compliance to the values and regulation of AKWEL.
  • Manages and optimise the Plant QSE² resources (HSE² Engineers and Quality Engineers).
  • Develops and follows up of QSE2 Department budget in compliance with the internal regulations and objectives (resources and cost of the QSE² function);
  • Manages the Flash QSE2 (Consolidation of the results, drifts, abnormalities, assessed risks and associated action plans) and distributes according to the rules (recipients, planning, template);
  • Works with the Plant General Manager on the QSE2 Management Review and ensures its distribution;
  • Is the operational manager for the MAN02 process, supervising and coordinating the planning, execution and follow up of the plant internal audits. Manages the accreditation of the internal audits (SMQSE2 audits excluded) and performs audits.
  • Conducts the risk analyse for their perimeter,
  • Takes part to the Customer audits or QSE²MS (External and Internal) audits + manages the associated action plans.
  • May perform QSE2 MS audits (must be accredited as an internal auditor by the DQSE2).
  •   Is the operational manager of the CLI05 process – Dysfunction Treatment, ensuring the promotion, deployment and application of the problem resolution tools & techniques (8D, QRQC, 6 Sigma, etc…). May perform internal training to the 8D and QRQC tools within the group Develops the Quality culture including the notion of customer satisfaction.
  • Participate to Project Steering Committee in order to be the Customer representative.
  • Coordinates the QSE²MS documents within the scope of certification.
  • Ensures and helps to the implementation and sustainability of the QSE2 system and participates to its maintenance and improvement.
  • Monitor the local QSE²MS documents,
  • Is bound by the duty to alert her/his line manager and DQSE2 coordinator in the event of a proven or potential customer claims with branding or financial impacts (such as customer line stoppage, vehicle recall risk, non-compliance with the system)
  • Must apply all Quality, Environmental, Safety and Energy procedures and operating instructions within the framework of operations linked to his/her job and the rules defined by the Group.


  • Degree in Engineering
  • 5 years in quality areas
  • Autonomy, organizational abilities and interpersonal skills ;
  • Synthetic and analytical thinking, rigor, and tenacity ;
  • Oral and written competencies; ability to communicate succinctly the quality standpoint;
  • Leadership and coordination skills, integrity, managerial skills
  • Good IT skills (MS Office, PDM, Customer scorecards and customer Portals),
  • Proficiency in English; knowledge of some other customer language(s), such as French, German, Chinese, are recommended.

Technical knowledge

  • Technical skills: ability to analyze and understand all technical decisions made by the project team
  • Knowledge of Project Development steps, Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) and Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) => QSE2 skill matrix ;
  • Knowledge of Functional Analysis and FMEA (Product, Process, etc.) ;
  • Control of core automotive Quality tools, such as: QSE2 audit supports (customer, pre production, and/or VD6.3), Control Plan, Statistical Process Control (SPC), Measurement System Analysis (MSA), Problem-Solving (8D, etc.) approach, QRQC approach ;
  • Deep knowledge of AKWEL QSE² Management System, including AKWEL Manufacturing System.
  • Knowledge of automotive customer specific requirements affecting the entity;
  • Knowledge of QSE2 management standards (IATF 16949, ISO 9000, ISO 1400
  • Depending on the scope, a comprehensive knowledge of the various specialities involved in the “supply control” process (project, quality, logistics, accounting) is desirable: