Ixtaczoquitlan, Veracruz


  • Continuously organises and optimises production in terms of Quality, Costs and Deadlines; to this end, participates in all initiatives for progress linked to increased overall productivity of the production tool
  • Manages activity charts and monitors the performance of the production lines,
  • Assigns Operators based on their skills and versatility according to the production schedule,
  • Manages the employees under him (training needs assessment, evaluations, recruitment, integration, absence management, etc.)
  • Organises daily production line QRQC meetings to respond to the needs identified and encourage continuous improvement of the team
  • Participates in quality events by implementing the necessary verification measures and introducing the appropriate problem-solving method (managing production line QRQC and using the 8Ds as needed),
  • Ensures verifications during the manufacturing process according to the monitoring plan
  • Ensures the application of the identification and traceability measures during manufacturing
  • Handles machine breakdowns by ensuring interventions by technicians as quickly as possible (technicians assigned to the line or maintenance technicians) and reassigning the personnel or if necessary,
  • Makes sure that all breakdowns are tracked on the appropriate documents/systems,
  • Guarantees the application of workstation cleanliness and tidiness rules,


Qualifications and Experience:

  • High school diploma combined with 3 to 5 years of experience in Production

Professional abilities:

  • Keen to acquire new professional skills, service-minded, analytical capacity and diagnostic capabilities
  • Able to take initiative and handle unexpected situations, analytical and able to summarise;
  • Able to mobilise the appropriate human resources based on the technologies used.

Technical knowledge:

  • Practice with the techniques and implementation of the equipment used
  • Knowledge of statistics tools (process capability, SPC, descriptive statistics, etc.) and computer tools such as SAP is a plus


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