Test Development Engineer

Gebze, Turkey



The Test Development Engineer defines and performs investigation tests required for a product and/or system development. He/She carries out the validation of products and/or systems in compliance with Quality, Cost and Delivery objectives. 


Product Design & Industrialization Process

Measuring Control Process 


  • Defines, suggests and validates experiments and instruments deemed as necessary for understanding our products’ functioning (in laboratory, on vehicle, by correlation).
  • Defines, suggests and validates tests enabling to meet the addressed issue while respecting the enforced standards and specifications.
  • Formalizes the testing protocols.
  • Defines the used measuring equipment and the means required for the proper organization of tests.
  • If required, puts into practice the specific testing tools which are to be created for its requirements.
  • Analyzes and interprets the results and sums up the conclusions. In the event of non-conformity or a performance lower than the expected, he/she supervises the actions necessary to the investigation of causes (reviewing the testing method, launching additional tests, disassembly if reversible for metrological analysis…) and suggests products improvements addressing the requirements.
  • Submits and ensures a regular reporting to his/her management.
  • On the basis of expert testimony, may be required to move to the customer or a supplier’s premises.
  • Is able to ensure all the assignments entrusted to a Validation Technician.





Requirements :

Qualifications and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s Degree; preferably Chemical or Materials and Metallurgical Engineering, strengthened by min. 3 years of experience in the field of testing in industrial laboratory and testing / measuring.

Professional abilities:

  • Team work skills, rigor, critical and analytical skills,
  • Ability to record in writing testing methods,
  • Synthetic thinking skills,
  • Command of English is appreciated.

Technical knowledge

  • Command of physical measures and testing tools ;
  • Knowledge of tools pertaining to the Products Line. Example:
  • Materials
  • Software: LabView, Matlab, Embarcadero de Delphi, CANoé, SVN, etc.
  • Hardware: power supplies, oscilloscopes, various probes/sensors, National modules* Instruments
  • Electronics
  • Command of computer tools: PDM, Portal, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc…