Gebze, Turkey

The project manager is responsible for the comprehensive management of one or several projects with low-to-medium complexity and economic impact, according to the product design and industrialization process and in compliance with QCD objectives. In this respect, she/he is responsible for leading a competent and multidisciplinary team (project platform) from the project proposal to the project evaluation, six months after the launch of finished product mass production.

• Determines the budget, the project development plan and pursues the quality plan, according to development standards and customer requirements,
• Elaborates and organizes technical meetings and project reviews, in conjunction with her/his team, external stakeholders, customers and suppliers’ contacts,
• Is responsible for commissioning product and process FMEA,
• Draws on Design Office for product definition, defines and implements the validation plan and leads validation meeting of design selection,
• Draws up the requests for consultations and purchases, takes an active part in « sourcing committees ».
• Is entrusted with the presentation of Initial Sample files and monitors their progress until their acceptance (mass production agreement) by the Customer, while relying on the support of Quality teams,
• Oversees the manufacturing process and implements, if need be, the necessary adjustments at concept design and process levels to achieve fixed objectives,
• Draws on the available IT systems and resources ( PDM, EDM project, SAP, …) and ensures the reliability of relevant data,
• Submits the control panel (QCD) of the project to the Project Steering Committee (PSC) and the related actions, if required,
• According to the organizational structure and in collaboration with product line and sales terms, she/he may have to develop quotes and put forward proposals on minor technical modifications for the project under her/his responsibility. In such case, those tasks must be performed in compliance with the Group’ costing (pre-project) and sales guidelines.
• May have to supervise the activity of one or several Project Manager(s) depending on the organizational structure.

Qualifications and Experience:
• Bachelor’s Degree; preferably, Industrial/Mechanical or Metallurgical Engineering strengthened by 3 years of experience preferably, in the automotive industry.

Professional abilities:
• Organizational skills, leading multidisciplinary and multicultural teams, decision making power, synthetic thinking, rigor, interpersonal skills, strong sense of confidentiality,
• Command of office automation systems and MS Office (Portal, Word, Excel, PowerPoint…),
• Proficiency in English.
• Residing in Anatolian side of Istanbul or Kocaeli,

Technical knowledge:
• Knowledge of techniques and tools of project management and Quality tools in Design,
• Knowledge of management principles is an asset.


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