Birmingham, UK

She/he introduces, monitors and validates the good practices for Quality procedures of Products/Process.

• Coaches the industrialization teams ( Process Engineers, Process Technician,…), and Metrology of his/her site
• Might oversee the laboratory, the prototypes, the workshop tools, the robotization team and possibly the general maintenance, according to organizations modes,
• Supervises the industrialization based on standards which he/she might be required to promote (FSC, FMEA blocks…),
• Elaborates Purchasing requests for resources in compliance with the standards outlined by the products line and the Industrialization Development Department. Notifies his/her direct line manager whenever in doubt,
• Might manage slight amendments without incurring an impact on the product,
• Contributes in the Projects Steering Committees developed on his/her site and follows / reports the indicators,
• Is responsible for the correct updating of technical data (ranges and nomenclatures in particular) of his/her site,
• Organizes the answer to Customers regarding the substances according to the methodologies,
• Ensures the compliance and the respect of the Technical Group budgets,
• Implements in-depth actions aiming to achieve a constant boost by contributing in the QRQC Plant and by appointing, if required, the dedicated representatives for each APU of the Plant,
• Abides by the Group’s procedures and operating instructions relevant to Quality, Safety and Environment within the scope of his/her duties and in compliance with the rules defined by the Group

Qualifications and Experience :
• A minimum of bachelor degree of technical type or equivalent reinforced by 5 years minimum experience which is partly allocated to the supervision or the management of projects

Professional abilities :
• Industrial performance oriented
• Management capacities, leadership, listening skills, communication abilities, rigor, administration, synthetic mindset,
• Knowledge of MS Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint…),
• Proficiency in English is compulsory

Technical knowledge :
• Deep knowledge in standard operating methods adopted by 1 tier automotive equipment manufacturers
• Good technical knowledge (area of work, robotization, vision…)
• Command of Quality, Cost and Delivery targets pertaining to mass production and in development projects


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