A subcontractor which has become an internationally recognised components manufacturer

  • Creation of the company Coutier SA, a subcontractor specialising in the manufacture of plastic parts, by three Coutier brothers, André, Joseph and Roger.
1988 > 1990
  • Transformation of Coutier SA, with takeover of company MGI: emergence of MGI Coutier, a components manufacturer specialising in plastics
1991 > 1994
  • Beginning of global expansion – Spain, Turkey and China.
  • Listed on the Stock Exchange (Paris – Eurolist).
1994 > 1998
  • Continuation of global expansion (Tunisia, Argentina, Brazil) and strengthening of activity in France (acquisitions and internal growth).
  • Integration of the SAP management tool for optimum running of the 12 French sites and 9 global subsidiaries.
  • Roll-out in India and Iran.
  • Doubling of manufacturing surface area in Turkey (with a new site) and in Brazil (by expanding).
  • Development in Eastern Europe with the creation of a site in Romania.
  • Reinforcement of understanding of tools with takeover of the mould maker Deplanche and major external growth operation with the acquisition of the components manufacturer Avon Automotive in the US. 

  • Acquisition of the Swedish components manufacturer Autotube AB.
  • The second Coutier generation arrives at the helm with the appointment of Mathieu Coutier as President of the Executive Board
  • New organisation with the creation of departments dedicated to product lines and industrial departments by geographical zone, managing the group’s plants.
  • The MGI Coutier Group changes name and becomes AKWEL.

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