AKWEL’s procedure sets out the practical details of the professional whistleblowing alert mechanism (hereinafter the “Alert Mechanism”) implemented by AKWEL as part of its ethical strategy and duty of care to its parent company.

The Alert Mechanism must be implemented when alerts are issued regarding:

  • a crime or an offence,
  • a serious and manifest violation of an international undertaking duly ratified or approved by France, or of a unilateral instrument by an international organisation made on the basis of such an undertaking,
  • a violation of a law or regulation,
  • serious harm to the general interest, or a threat thereof,
  • a breach of AKWEL’s Ethics Charter,
  • a breach of AKWEL’s Anti-Bribery and Anti-Influence Peddling Code,
  • a serious attack, or risk thereof, on human rights and fundamental freedoms, personal health and safety or on the environment, as a result of the AKWEL Group’s activities, or the activities of its subcontractors or suppliers.

By way of example, an Alert may relate to fraud, corruption, conflicts of interest, financial offences, anti-competitive practices, discrimination and harassment at work, Health and safety at work, Environmental protection, Human rights, etc.

Procédure d’alerte
March 2020 – French – 321Ko
download Formulaire d’alerte
March 2020French – 150Ko
Whistleblowing Procedure
March 2020 – English – 321Ko
download Whistleblower alert form
March 2020English – 150Ko
Procedimiento de denuncia
March 2020 – Spanish – 321Ko
download Formulario de denuncia
March 2020Spanish – 150Ko
التنبيه المهني الخاص ب
March 2020 – Arabic (Morocco) – 321Ko
download نموذج عن الإبلاغ عن تنبيه
March 2020Arabic (Morocco) – 150Ko
التنبيه المهني الخاص ب
March 2020 – Arabic (Tunisia) – 321Ko
download نموذج عن الإبلاغ عن تنبيه
March 2020 Arabic (Tunisia) – 150Ko
Postup oznamování porušení pravidel
March 2020 – Czech 321Ko
download Formulář pro podání upozornění
March 2020 – Czech – 150Ko
March 2020 – German 321Ko
download Formular für Meldungen
March 2020German – 150Ko
की व्यावसायिक मुखबिरी प्रक्रिया
March 2020 – Hindi – 321Ko
download रिपोर्ट करने के लिए फॉर्म
March 2020Hindi – 150Ko
March 2020 – Japanese – 321Ko
download 通報フォーマット
March 2020Japanese – 150Ko
Procedimento de Alerta Profissional
March 2020 – Portuguese 321Ko
download Formulário de participação de um alerta
March 2020Portuguese – 150Ko
Procedura de denunțare
March 2020 – Romanian 321Ko
download Formular de semnalare
March 2020Romanian – 150Ko
Rutiner för att anmäla missförhållanden
March 2020 – Swedish 321Ko
download Formulär för anmälan av missförhållanden
March 2020 – Swedish – 150Ko
March 2020 – Thai – 321Ko
download แบบฟอร์มสำหรับการแจ้งเบาะแส
March 2020
Thai – 150Ko
Profesyonel Uyarı Prosedürü
March 2020 – Turkish 321Ko
download Uyarı raporlama formu
March 2020Turkish – 150Ko
March 2020 – Chinese 321Ko
download 举报情况表
March 2020 – Chinese 150Ko