Working at AKWEL means sharing in the exciting adventure of a family group with traditional, down-to-earth values, while working together to perpetuate the history of an internationally renowned company.

As an independent group with a solid financial footing, we operate wherever our clients are, building an outstanding reputation for ourselves in the countries in which we are based.

AKWEL has built up its successful company history by adopting a long-term approach. Every employee who joins us contributes to the group’s future and, if they wish, have the opportunity to build a long career in an international environment.



Working at AKWEL involves collaboration based on reciprocal commitments. Thanks to our family history and our outstanding reputation, respect is naturally one of these commitments. Our family always strive to set a good example for our staff. In return, we expect them to display an exemplary attitude.

At AKWEL, we respect all members of staff, regardless of their position, and always seek to ensure fairness and equity. We give everyone the same opportunity to succeed within the group. As we see it, each of us must receive the same attention, the same working conditions and the resources they need to succeed, with maximum peace of mind.

Our values of authenticity and transparency demand the highest possible degree of honesty in dealings with our staff. In our view, straight talking is an essential aspect of respect.


We offer our strategic clients ever more reliable and competitive solutions. Each contract we gain represents a genuine challenge, requiring our staff to be demanding and meticulous at all times. Working at AKWEL also gives you the possibility to develop a variety of skills and expertise (robotics, mechatronics, etc.) until you are fully proficient.

The culture of industrial performance, efficiency, results and customer satisfaction drives the growth and progress of our group. To satisfy our clients’ needs, our staff are encouraged to display pragmatism in order to come up with the perfect solution for each problem, in a spirit of creativity and agility.


We are highly aware of the need to pass on skills, and we provide opportunities for the young people we train by sharing and passing down know-how.

At AKWEL, young recruits have a chance to build a successful career by learning from their peers, some of whom have many years’ experience in our group. We enjoy sharing and passing on our technical knowledge but also our values. In addition to occupational expertise, we also teach professional interpersonal skills.

At AKWEL, each staff member can gain unique skills based on a clear overview of his or her role thanks to our highly specific organisational structure encompassing the complete production chain.


At AKWEL, we learn from each another, growing together in the process. This in turn helps the group to move forward.

We cultivate the capacity to excel. Demanding but always rewarding, the challenges we embrace form part of the very lifeblood of our group. We work in a high-tech industrial and technological environment, which makes our day to day work extremely worthwhile and enriching.

Growing both individually and collectively in the performance of our duties is a priority for AKWEL.