Our recruitment process helps us appreciate your areas of expertise and experience. Moerover it gives us the opportunity to get to know one another and see how we can move forward together.

Take the time to review the content of the advert. Do you have the years of experience required? Are you really comfortable with the languages needed? The criteria listed on our job adverts aren’t chosen at random. Whether you’re applying for a technical or support role, your application needs to match the requirements in terms of educational background, skills and experience.

Find out about the Group and what we do. Here, you’ll find we’re an authentic group with strong values underpinned by common sense. Four ideas have forged the group into what it is today and continue to guide our everyday activities: simplicity (simplicity, realism and pragmatism are the watchwords that have guided the company since its founding, both in our solutions and in our relationships), reliability (meaning trust, mutual respect and engagement, consistency, solidity and a sense of fairness on a day-to-day basis), collectivity (where priority is given to cohesion and teamwork, helping everyone go further and faster together) and performance (rooted in the heart of our systems, a culture of industrial performance, efficiency, results and customer satisfaction is the driving force behind the group’s development and progress).

Tell us how you’ll be part of our family adventure. What’s your vision of the role in question and the added value you can and will bring?

Once your application has been shortlisted, depending on the nature and responsibilities of the vacancy, you’ll then be given the opportunity to meet with some Akwel colleagues at one or more interviews. These may be led by managers, HR managers, or even your future colleagues. Additional interviews, language tests or indeed technical tests may form part of the recruitment process, which can change depending on the needs of each individual role.

We want to discover who you are and assess how well you’ll fit with the current and future needs of the group, as well as our values, always seeking to understand your background and motivation.

We’ll be assessing your technical skills, but also the way you approach problems and attempt to solve them. You’ll need to back up what you say with detailed examples from your previous experience.

Once we’ve made our final decision, we’ll inform all candidates we’ve met with along the way.


Integration is essential to successful recruitment.

Depending on the role you’re taking up, the duration of the integration process will vary, but managers will welcome and introduce you to the group, our culture and operations regardless. Various customer, legal, internal and regulatory requirements will be explained. We’ll also introduce you to the departments and contacts you’ll be working with as you carry out your duties.

We’ll train you on our methodologies and all the procedures in force, meaning your contribution to our story can be a success in the long term.