Recently, the team from AKWEL TIMISOARA (ROMANIA) won the competition for the most creative and fastest boat manufactured from 100% recycled materials. With its focus on Corporate Social Responsibility, this competition is one of the leading events in Timisoara where sustainable development and recycling are concerned. It brings together companies and organisations from the local community. This third participation by the site enabled it to further embrace sustainable development activities. This year, we chose the theme of superheroes, as they are part of our children’s lives and we wanted to bring them to life through this competition.

Daniel DANILIUC, UAP EMS & SCR Manager, shares the details of this success story:

What was the strategy for winning this race?
We are a team sharing a keen competitive spirit and we maximised synergy, which enabled us to really surpass ourselves. This formed the basis for our success, but we also used our imagination and our engineering skills.

What inspired your team when building the boat and choosing the theme for this competition? Did you encounter any difficulties?

We had several ideas in mind before finalising our project. We wanted it to be both original and feasible from a technical viewpoint. The biggest challenge was a technical one, as the design had to result in an extremely fast boat. We tested several materials but our boat simply didn’t slip through the water as quickly as we wanted. In the end, we decided to use plastic containers recycled by the production department and this turned out to be an excellent choice.

Do you already have any ideas in mind for the next event?
Not yet, but we have gained valuable experience and we hope that our success will inspire other teams from the Timisoara site to participate.

Congratulations to the team of Timisoara for this victory !