AKWEL JUAREZ (Mexico) has gained its Q1 certification from FORD

The AKWEL JUAREZ site (Mexico) has gained its Q1 certification from FORD. This status confirms the site’s Quality and Logistics performance and was obtained thanks to the outstanding efforts and hard work of its teams.

On August 23rd, AKWEL JUAREZ plant hosted the FORD Q1 ceremony. Ford Purchasing Director Raquel Branco, Ford STA Vicente Mayen, Ford STA Manager Rene Rey, Ford Buyers Diana Fernandez and Rafael Romo were welcomed in AKWEL JUAREZ plant by more than 150 attendees.

The final moment came to receive the Q1 flag and then let Logistics team raise it.

The Q1 flag and plate are now in AKWEL  facility not only as an award but also as a reminder of the challenge for all AKWEL employees to keep the excellence everyday