VIGO AKWEL plant is 20 years old!

AKWEL VIGO SPAIN was founded in February 1999, 20 years ago now, under the name MGI COUTIER ESPAÑA, S.L. This plant is located in Vigo, on the west coast of Spain (in Galicia), nearby the Portuguese border. The economic activity of the city is leaded by the sea (fishing industry and shipyards) and the automobile industry.

In 1967, the small family-owned company DIK was already working for the automobile sector. The company specialised in plastic transformation and stamping, and it regularly shipped parts to the nearby constructor “Citroën Vigo” such as car door latches, door handles, car radio aerials or windscreen washing systems, as well as some home products (corkscrews, electric insect repellents).

In 1991, the French company MGI COUTIER acquired a stake in DIK, which became DIK MGI COUTIER, then MGI COUTIER ESPANA and more recently, AKWEL VIGO SPAIN.

The plant is still specialised in plastic transformation and final assembling of car parts, today this plant produces opening mechanisms (door handles, hinges) and fluid transfer systems (de-polluting system SCR) which are mainly delivered to (another sign of History) PSA VIGO plant.

AKWEL VIGO buildings, which were recently purchased by the Group – linked to our long-term strategy – are also home to one of the centres of excellence in developping products of the AKWEL Group.