AKWEL VIGO (Spain) produces 18,000 devices to fight against coronavirus

The “LU_Touch” allows the opening and closing of doors and windows. It can also be used as a push button and switch without touching them directly, thus minimising the risk of contagion. Ergonomically designed, it can be handled with only 3 fingers and can be worn hanging from the neck or waist.

The idea for the LU_Touch was born at Lupeon and Dativic, under the coordination of the University of Vigo (Spain) and the Galician Association of Metallurgical Industries. They were joined by Roviño5 and AKWEL. Roviño5 has designed and adapted a mould for the production of LU_Touch by plastic injection, which is done by the AKWEL plant in Vigo. This alliance has made it possible to increase the production of the device from 400 daily units (produced using 3D printing) to more than 4,000 daily units.

Since mid-April, 13,000 pieces have been sent all over Spain to professionals who are on the front line of the fight against the virus and who are at higher risk of infection: health and care personnel, state security forces and social services …