Project Manager

Timisoara, Roumania

Main responsibilities and duties :

The Project Manager is responsible for the comprehensive management of one or several projects with low-to-medium complexity and economic impact, according to the product design and industrialization process and in compliance with QCD objectives. In this respect, he/she is responsible for leading a competent and multi-disciplinary team (project platform) from the project kick-off to the project closure (including control of modification)

  • Manages the budget, the project timing plan and pursues the quality plan, according to development standards and customer requirements.
  • Elaborates and organizes technical meetings and project reviews, in conjunction with his/her team, customers and suppliers’ contact.

Manages the project team ; coordinate, organize and manage all project activities.

  • Draws up the requests for consultations and purchases, takes an active part in « sourcing committees ».
  • In the event of disagreement, he/she notifies and refers the matter to arbitration by the Product Line Department and the relevant functional department; an appeal is conceived following the agreement of the Product Development Department.
  • Entrusted with the presentation of the design and initial sample files. Monitors their progress until their acceptance by the customer, while relying on the support of Quality teams.
  • Draws on the available IT systems and resources (PDM, EDM project, SAP …) and ensures the reliability of relevant data.
  • Submits the score card (QCD) of the project to the Project Steering Committee (CPP) and the related actions, if required.
  • May have to supervise the activity of one or several Project Manager(s) depending on the organizational structure.
  • Satisfy, with the project team, the customer requirements in compliance with the AKWEL requirements.


Requirements :

Qualifications et Experience

College/University degree of Technical Engineering, strengthened by 3-years experience within the industrial field in Research and Process Engineering or A-Level (High School Diploma) + minimum 2-years higher education, reinforced by 3-years related experience

Professional abilities

  • Organizational skills, leading multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams, decision making power, synthetic thinking, rigor, interpersonal skills, strong sense of confidentiality ;
  • Command of office automation systems and MS Office (Portal, Word, Excel, PowerPoint…) ;
  • Command of English (required).

Technical knowledge

  • Knowledge of techniques and tools of project management and quality tools in design ;
  • Knowledge of management principles is an asset.