Quality Engineer

Bursa, Turkey

Main responsibilities and duties :

The Quality Engineer is the customer representative:

  • Customer representative in mass production:
    • Receive the customer incidents and record them in the appropriate supports.
    • Verify the implementation of immediate corrective actions.
    • Take the incidents to the Plant QRQC and verify the proper application of AKWEL problem solving methodologies.
    • Verify the effectiveness of the implemented action plans.
    • Verify the efficiency, the relevance and on due time of the answers provided by operational teams and enter them on customers’ portals or send them (in case of escalation, the communication must be made according to the rules set by the escalation committee).
    • Monitor customers’ portals and verify that either any customer incident or requirement expressed in there is properly addressed.
    • When required, prepare and ask for concessions to the customer.
  • AKWEL representative for quality in mass production in face of internal and external suppliers:
    • Issue supplier quality incidents, recording them in the appropriate supports and forwarding them to the suppliers and to the corresponding AKWEL team members.
    • Verify and challenge* the supplier 8D responses until the closure of the issue.
    • Keep all the related information up to date for further exploitation.
    • Conduct process audits, and when necessary, challenge* the analysis and action plans and verify the effective implementation on AKWEL suppliers.
    • Conduct the quality confirmation audits at the suppliers when required and store the PSW physical parts in pilot plant.
    • Stop the Sourcing Committee process if requirements are not satisfied.
    • Organize and verify the proper realization of Annual Layout Assessment of products and components (external and internal), analyse the elements and record the results.
  • Customer representative from an internal point of view:
    • Coach and challenge* the team in the application of AKWEL problem solving tools (8D and Line and APU QRQC) and their self-assessment.
    • Conduct process audits, Layout Process Audits and product audits and when necessary, challenge* the analysis and action plans and verify the effective implementation on AKWEL facilities. In particular, conduct the process quality confirmation audits.


Requirements :

Qualifications and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical/Industrial/Metallurgical and Materials Engineering or related discipline,
  • 4 years of superior technical education strengthened with 5 years of experience preferably, in the automotive industry.


Professional abilities:

  • Autonomy, organizational abilities and interpersonal skills
  • Synthetic and analytical thinking, integrity, rigor, and tenacity
  • Oral and written competencies; ability to communicate succinctly the quality standpoint and to represent AKWEL
  • Good IT skills (MS Office, PDM, AKWEL Portal and customer portals)
  • Proficiency in English; knowledge of some other customer language(s), such as French, German, Chinese, is recommended.


Technical knowledge:

  • Project Development phases, Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) and Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)
  • Technical skills to analyse and understand all technical information / explanation / decisions
  • IMDS, REACH, conflict minerals and substance declaration
  • Functional Analysis and design FMEA
  • Risk assessment and process FMEA
  • Control Plan and special characteristics, Statistical Process Control (SPC), Measurement System Analysis (MSA)
  • 8D problem solving and QRQC approach
  • QSE2 audit, especially those for process audits (VDA 6.3, capacity, panel integration, CQI, …) but also for product audits
  • AKWEL QSE² management system mainly focused on MAN02, CLI02, CLI03 and CLI05, including AKWEL Manufacturing System
  • Automotive customer specific requirements (CSR) affecting the entity, customer special audit (Q1, QSB+, etc…)

QSE2 management system standards (IATF 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001…).

Localization: Bursa, Turkey
Contract type: CDI(Permanent)
Department : Quality Department


If you are interested in this role and believe that you meet the requirements, please forward your CV and cover letter at: hr.bur@akwel-automotive.com or HR department.

Please note that incomplete applications will not be taken into account.