Quality Engineer

Timisoara, Roumania

Main responsibilities and duties :

She/he introduces, monitors and validates the good practices for Quality procedures of Products/Process

  • Acts as the Customer representative within the Production team, and therefore ensures the respect of the customer’s requirements, targets and satisfaction;
  • Takes part in QRQCs,
  • Is bound by the duty to alert his manager in the event of risks (for instance: Quality incident, failure to control a significant characteristic, etc.) with no identified satisfactory solution and involving potential or real reputation or financial impacts internally or at the Customer;
  • Ensures the deployment and implementation of the Quality tools and procedures in production;
  • Coordinates the problem solving activities (AKWEL Customers for 0km or Warranty return, AKWEL Inter-sites and/or AKWEL Suppliers incidents, alerts, etc.) and/or put forward the appropriate tools/measures. She/He verifies the action plan efficiency.
  • Is aware and follows up the control of significant characteristic in production by identifying the sensitive processes,
  • Performs the QSE² audits (VDA6.3, FIEV, LPA, product or other equivalent audits), and follows up the relevant action plans when necessary on AKWEL manufacturing plants or AKWEL suppliers,
  • Ensures the introduction of suitable measures at the customer according to the performance, risks and results;
  • Works in close collaboration with Production teams, Project team, Purchasing teams and/or AKWEL Suppliers teams if need be; and assists them in the event of problems (customer or internal) related to products/processes. He manages the concession and containment (rework / quality wall) activities for AKWEL Customers and/or AKWEL Inter-sites,
  • Conduct the acceptance of AKWEL inter-sites or AKWEL Suppliers,
  • Takes part in the continuous improvement of processes performance by issuing proposals and contributing to the continuous improvement plan.
  • She/he ensures that the customer requirements are taken into account.

Requirements :

Qualifications and Experience

  • Technical university education and Quality training strengthened by 3 years of experience preferably, in the automotive industry.

Professional abilities

  • Autonomy, organizational abilities and interpersonal skills ;
  • Synthetic and analytical thinking, integrity, rigor, and tenacity ;
  • Oral and written competencies; ability to communicate succinctly the quality standpoint ;
  • Good IT skills (MS Office, PDM, Customer scorecards and customer Portals),
  • Proficiency in English; knowledge of some other customer language(s), such as French, German, Chinese, are recommended.

Technical knowledge

  • Knowledge of core automotive Quality tools, such as: QSE2 audit supports (customer, pre‑production, and/or VD6.3), Control Plan, Statistical Process Control (SPC), Measurement System Analysis (MSA), Problem-Solving (8D, etc.) approach, QRQC approach ;
  • Knowledge of Production Part Approval Process (PPAP);
  • Technical skills; ability to analyze and understand all technical decisions made by the project team ;
  • Knowledge of Functional Analysis and FMEA (Product, Process, etc.);
  • Basic knowledge of Project Development steps, Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP);
  • Knowledge of AKWEL QSE²MS MAN02, CLI03 and CLI05, including AKWEL Manufacturing System;
  • Knowledge of automotive customer specific requirements affecting the product line ;
  • Basic knowledge of QSE2 management standards (IATF 16949, ISO 9000, ISO 14001…)